Rural Wastewater Reuse in Morocco – 2005 – 2011

Lead Researcher: Chris Kinsley –
Prepared for: University Partnerships in Cooperation and Development Program – AUCC/CIDA
Partners: Institut Agro-Vétérinaire Hassan II
Wastewater infrastructure in rural and peri-urban areas of Morocco are either poorly developed or non-existent. At the same time there is growing water scarcity throughout much of Morocco. The objectives of this project are to develop a series of applied research and demonstration technologies relating to wastewater treatment and reuse, to develop and deliver a series of training seminars throughout rural Morocco and to update university training curriculum in the field of wastewater management and reuse. This project is a collaborative initiative between University of Guelph (ORWC) and our partner institution in Morocco, l’Institut Agro-Vétérinaire Hassan II.