The Ottawa demonstration site in Eastern Ontario is at the Baxter Conservation Area located just south of Ottawa near Kars. Tours are available by a appointment only. Call 613.692.3571 extension 1185  to make an appointment.


The demonstration facility in Ottawa also has mock-ups of a filter bed, a conventional leaching bed and various distribution mechanisms. The facility is equipped with a large underground clean water storage tank which is hooked up to most of our display units, allowing our instructors to demonstrate how each of the units work with water.

The Ottawa facility currently has the following treatment units on display, (listed in alphabetic order):

  • Advantex
  • Bionest
  • Boucher 4,500 L Concrete Septic Tank
  • Clearstream 600N
  • Model dispersal bed: Conventional Trench with perforated pipe
  • Ecoflo Biofilter Shed & Flatbed
  • Enviroseptic (ESP)
  • Model dispersal bed: EZFlow Trench
  • Infiltrator (ATL)
  • Model dispersal bed: Infiltrator Chamber Model
  • Infiltrator Septic Tank (Plastic)
  • Norweco Hydro-Kinetic + Green
  • Model dispersal bed: Shallow Buried Trench


1. Bionest 2. Clearstream 3. Ecoflo 4. Norweco 5. Norweco Green 6. Advantex 7. Waterloo Shed 8. Ecoflo Open Bottom 9. Waterloo Flatbed 10. ELJEN GSF A42 11. Enviroseptic ESP 12. Infiltrator ATL 13. Dispersal bed model: Shallow Buried Trench, EZflow, Infiltrator Chambers 14. Concrete and Plastic septic tank

For sites with restricted footprint, aggressive slope or hazardous soils                         ELJEN GSF A42                Infiltrator ATL                   Enviroseptic ESP
Bionest Unit being set up at Ottawa Demonstration Facility