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“ONSITE WASTEWATER NEWS” is published three times a year by the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association (OOWA). ONSITE gives readers a current, comprehensive look at the ONSITE industry in Ontario and is always on top of news developments and recent events. With a distribution list of over 1000 readers, It is also a great place to advertise!

On-Site System Brochures and Information Pamphlets The Ontario Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the ORWC has updated its brochure on septic system maintenance and inspection called Your Septic System: Protecting your Investment and the Environment. This 2014 version is the most current septic system brochure available today and contains lots of important information for property owners who operate and maintain a private on-site sewage system.

The following brochures and pamphlets have been prepared by various organizations, including the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and the ORWC for general information.

OMAFRA – Septic Smart booklets & DVD’s

ORWC Research Factsheets, Project Notes & Videos

The following factsheets, Project Notes and Videos have been prepared by the ORWC as part of the deliverables for various research projects.

Septage Treatment with Reed Bed Filters YouTube Video
Treatment of Milkhouse Washwaters Using Constructed Wetlands YouTube Video
Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Using a Constructed Wetland System YouTube Video

2012 Ontario Building Code Compendium 2 Volume Set (PDF)

Ontario Building Code Volume 1

Ontario Building Code Volume 2