The Permit Process for Installers

Before any installation, extension or alteration of material of a sewage system can take place, a building permit must be obtained from a Principle Authority.

Step One: Find a principal authority

  • An authority that offers the septic system program under the OBC
  • Can be a health unit, conservation authority, or municipality
  • Check with your municipal office to determine who the Principal Authority is in your area

Step Two: Homeowner or agent fills out application form and submits to Principal Authority 

  • Application form is standardized across the province, but municipalities have the power to add their own forms to the application. Make sure to check with your Principal Authority to see what extra forms are required for that area. Click here for the standardized forms required by the Province
  • Homeowner/agent must ensure they have all required information such as: property information, designer/installer information, municipal forms and site plans
  • Homeowner may enlist ask either the designer or the installer to be their agent
  • Role of an agent:  Acts on the owner’s behalf. Submits application form and is responsible for any work commissioned by the property owner.

Step Three: Inspection process begins 

  • Area inspectors will complete a site inspection prior to installation and will review all submitted documents
  • Permit will either be refused or approved by the Chief Building Official
  • After a permit has been approved, construction of your septic system may begin

Step Four: Getting a Certificate of Completion 

  • After the system has been partially installed (left uncovered), you, the installer, may submit a request for a second installation inspection
  • You will be notified if the inspection is approved/rejected, and may be asked for supporting documents such as maintenance contracts, ESA permits or as built drawings.
  • Once a second inspection has been approved, you may cover the system and submit one more request for final inspection. This inspection ensures the leaching bed has been back filled with the appropriate amount of cover, as per OBC.
  • Once the final is approved, and the file contains all necessary documents, the CBO will approve the system as complete, and issue a certificate of completion to the homeowner.