Installer Responsibilities

A licensed installer of an on-site sewage system is responsible for:

  • Obtaining and maintaining a BCIN from the Director of the Building and Development Branch and filing any change of information with the Director
  • Knowing the regulations as they apply to on-site sewage systems and their installation
  • Guiding clients through the building permit process as it applies to sewage systems
  • Ensuring that a building permit has been issued prior to beginning the construction or alteration of material or repair of a sewage system
  • Reviewing, understanding, and complying with design drawings, specifications, and instructions for the installation of sewage systems
  • Obtaining permission from the system designer prior to making any changes to design, and informing the designer of any discrepancies in the drawings and specifications, or changes in site conditions
  • Ensuring that all work conducted on the installation is in accordance with regulations
  • Ensuring that all materials used for the installation comply with the standards and requirements
  • Providing quality workmanship, using appropriate materials and equipment, and utilizing safe and appropriate construction techniques
  • Providing guidance to the owner of the system on how the system operates
  • Obtaining a permit prior to any alterations to existing systems

It is the Installer’s responsibility to make sure that the constructed on-site system meets the requirements of the OBC and conforms with the permit issued for the system. The Installer must contact the designer and the regulator before making any changes or alterations to the approved plans and specifications. The Regulator must approve any change made to the design after a permit has been issued and before implementing the changes.