Designer Responsibilities

A designer is responsible for:

  • Submitting designs that meet the requirement of the Building Code
  • Knowing the regulations as they apply to on-site sewage systems and their designs
  • Guiding clients through the building permit process as it applies to sewage systems
  • Designing the system that works best for the site and any constraints the site may have
  • Providing documentation that is sufficiently detailed to permit the design to be assessed for compliance with the Building Code
  • Only taking the role of a designer pertaining to work which he/she is qualified for
  • Obtaining and maintaining appropriate licensing/qualifications through the Building and Development Branch, Professional Engineers Act or Ontario Association of Architects

It is the Designer’s responsibility to make sure that the designed on-site system meets the requirements of the Ontario Building Code. The Regulator must approve any change made to the design after a permit has been issued and before implementing the changes.